A Woman’s Right To Life

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Glad I took the time to write this stream of thought. And glad I did not read some of the comments on youtube until afterwards. To think that anyone could write anything negative about this short film seems unfathomable to me. I think it’s important for us all to have an opinion. But it’s always amazing to me the ignorant comments one will hear from people who have not lived, or traveled to another country. But claim to know that culture like reading the back of box of Count Chocula.
I feel I engaged with my students in a lot heart felt discussions while teaching in China. And while some of you make think this feels like an ” After School Special ” film from the US. I think it’s far from that notion. I feel the real reason it was made was to open eyes to out of wedlock pregnancy acceptance as not being shameful; and that taking the responsibility of child in some countries in the world should not be a lifelong career livelihood dead end street.
It’s unfortunate, but women in other countries simply do not sometimes have the social acceptance that other countries enjoy like the US.
Though the film ” Juno ” was fictional, it was still widely popular because of it’s comedy value mixed with a serious life crisis. I think for my Chinese college students to see this subject matter even taken to a partial comedy level almost seemed unfathomable.
So, I think this short film posted here is worth looking at closely for the sincerity it brings to what is going on with this Asian girls inner strength.
Though I do respect that most cultures do not promote out of wedlock pregnancies. I do believe that as of the time of my showing of ” Juno ” to my students that Great Britain, and the US where amongst the highest in the statistics of teenage pregnancies. I think what is important to remember is that in a consensual situation it takes two people of the opposite sex to tango in any culture to create a pregnancy. And as long as it’s a woman’s body, and woman’s decision in most cultures; acceptance is always going to need to be important from the society in which they are living. Always for the child; and of course in the cases where the mother is loving, responsible, and doing the best she can. It’s in my opinion that a woman who tries do do her best as a single parent should respected and treated just a fairly as anyone else in any society.

” A Short Film I Am Happy I Crossed Paths With Today ” ( My Thoughts On Global Compassion ) By John Dellenger © July 31, 2015

Great story and soundtrack. Really made me feel good that someone is making films openly about the subject. I taught English and Theatre in China for two years. In the film classes as an elective we spoke openly afterwards about viewing the films we watched. After watching ” Juno ” my Chinese college students where amazed that parents and friends could rally and be so support of a pregnancy out of wedlock. We discussed how the Chinese culture can try and make things sometimes more difficult for a young woman to get a break when viewed as being less because of being pregnant without a husband. Really glad to see a filmmaker bringing a good and uplifting light on the beauty of a child in relation to a young parent trying to do their best to raise a child. Even if the one parent is the only solution, or is the only seemingly available solution of support of the child.
I feel there is so much more I need to know and understand about the universe. We all try and learn from our journey I hope. But, one thing I do feel confident about is that the God presence that is always omni present and and in our hearts does not go un-noticed by our good deeds and actions.
I am convinced that a true and loving God does recognize our strifes, sacrifices, and abilities to overcome diversity in our lives. Sometimes I feel the world tries to become so overwhelmed with information that people do not stop, or care to want to understand what is in them for the real journey. The unpretentious route, the non-dominating passage. As to really think that there is some real hierarchal difference in the mature nature of the human consciousness.
Being awake spiritually is where the real prize awaits us. Where soul survival always quickly weighs in happily lighter then the heaviness of material possessed world.
I feel how we approach and accept our choices more defines who we are. Why focus on the conquering of the end result? Once humans convinced themselves that competition amongst others brought stature, and value with paper; the equation for the downfall was set in motion. Something that unfortunately some people just seem hell bent on trying to squeeze into their little material worlds no matter what their cost is to their soul.
I just want to stay in the light, and remain in the light for my eternal journey. In the hopes that someday I will not so foolishly see from the gates of Heaven all the better I could have done for others and myself by just not looking, and listening more often to my surrounding natural nature.
By not staying focused on my true purpose and calling to do more for this great place called Earth. We really are blessed to have such a wonderful planet to call our home. One that can be shared in an intelligent manner, and not an ignorant means.
Like the response of people in this film talking about the young girl behind her back. It’s her journey with her child. Not theirs. They possibly know nothing of her difference in responsibilities, as compared to their own.
But, she does not show anger, or resentment. At first her response seems confused sorrow. As to seemingly…how can anyone possibly explain themselves to what others do not have the capacity to understand?
Even if gossipers perceive themselves as to be more important in society, so as to feel so falsely stoic; it still remains materially so falsely self-righteous.
Helping hand goes along way. As seen through the generosity and altruism of the young guy trying to help, and the daughter handing her mother a self-made gift.
What a breath of fresh air as we witness the young woman in her state of wisdom gained. She now listens to her heart first as she pauses and says ” I would much rather for them to talk about me, then for them to talk about my daughter “.
She knows without a doubt what is more important to her in her life no matter what the erroneous view may think from the outside world that is not living in her present well being. One that is being a responsible and loving parent to her daughter. And thus, also her daughter unconditionally connected to her in the same way. The young daughter is unconcerned as to what others may think of her mother, and what there expectations may be of her. The little girls truth in the knowledge is that they have grown together in their wisdom as mother and child. That she does her best for her.
I understand that being a parent is an incredible experience. And though I have never been married, I know that my heart is still open to the possibilities that only God knows may await me someday. A true partner, mate, and best friend for life.
Bring on the good experiences universe. I await the arrival of good will patiently in the correct and natural path in which I was meant to pursue since the stars formed in time. Peace and good will to all. The journey continues…..

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The China Backpacking Tour 2015

The China Backpacking Tour 2015 starts in Beijing. From there we travel to Harbin, then Inner Mongolia, and from there south to Panda Lake, Sichuan.
( For Listing of complete schedule please see NomadTours.net.)

Lama Temple Hostel Beijing, China
Lama Temple Hostel Beijing, China
Lama Temple Hostel Map, Beijing China
Lama Temple Hostel Map, Beijing China

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The Children of Belize

Girl on Bike  Near Georgeville, Belize
Girl on Bike
Near Georgeville, Belize

It’s always interesting to see the scene with children from the countryside, to the towns, to the cites. It’s all got a commonality of grassroots. It always comes down to the truth about how we feel about taking care of each other on this vast Earth. Whether we live in the city, or the countryside. Won’t it all be about self-sustained living, and sharing our resources more freely and wisely?

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The contentment and wisdom of children

Photojournalist & Filmmaker John Dellenger ©

I always enjoy the company of children wherever I travel. While living and teaching on Hainan Island, China I had the pleasant opportunity of meeting some wonderful kids who where content in what was available to them. Nothing less, nothing more. That tranquility I see in this little girls eyes, and the posture of the way she is sitting makes me feel like she has arrived at her morning yoga, and in her comfortable place.

Home of Wenchang Child when I went on woodshop quest to have the  "Holy Grail" of a baseball bat made in China.
Home of Wenchang Child when I went on woodshop quest to have the “Holy Grail” of a baseball bat made in China.

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Thanks God for the forward button.

Biloxi, Mississippi  Gulf Coast  Beach
Biloxi, Mississippi Gulf Coast Beach
Thank you God for the forward button everyday in my life. Eternal life. I am thankful for what I have been provided, and will be provided always in your great path for me in the journey of life; and livelihood. I am happy just the way I am. Grateful for all the loving things that have been revealed to me. I give thanks, and appreciation to your good ways for me in mind, body, and spirit. Because our health and balance here together is so important, and sacred. Shall peace and tranquility always be our guide to more opportunities for my good work. Thank You.

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Thoughts that I collected somewhere.


Information from Buddhist teachings….

As an impermanent transitory reality, I can only be injured, or indignant of if I cling to myself. Think of oneselfs as a substance enduring through time. Suffering caused when we falsely attribute ” absolute reality”, where there is only “relative reality”.

Third Noble truth: Termanination for craving. Cure for suffering is no attachment, or termination of craving.

Freedom is not the renunciation of all emotions and feeling, it’s the ability to rise above the incoming sensations.

Do not cling to these experiences.

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” When Your Smiling” Lyrics by John Dellenger

John Dellenger © 2015
Nature on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

” When Your Smiling ”
Lyrics by John Dellenger © 03/17/2015

When your smiling
When your smiling

The whole world smiles with you
When your laughing
When your laughing

The sun comes shining through
But, when your crying
You’ll bring all the rain
So stop sighing
Be happy again

Because your smiling
The whole world smiles with you

“Easy To Love” Lyrics by John Dellenger

Inspirational lyrics.
Inspirational lyrics.

“Easy To Love”
Lyrics by John Dellenger © 17/03/2015

I can’t give you anything but love
I can
That’s the only thing I have plenty of
Don’t mind the rain drops till the raindrops stops
smile through your tear laughing at the night

Live for tomorrow
Be happy today
Laugh all your sorrows away

The sky’s will clear up
Laugh all the way laughing through life

No road is lonely
Grin through your smiling tears

Laugh all your sorrows away
Loose all your blues laughing at life

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Barbecuing at KinWinik Jungle Tours San Ignatio, Belize

One of the things I really enjoy while touring Belize is visiting with my friend John Chuc who is a local Mayan. He is a nice guy and he knows a lot about jungle life and the area. Have learned a few things over the years being in the jungle with him. Like how to build a home in the jungle with the material available. There are some really nice waterfalls in the area. A good variety, and the water is soothing with Belize’s all around warm temperature. Getting caught in the rain, or at night is really the only time it seems to cool off, or get cold. When in the jungle it’s always good to have a sturdy comfortable hammock with an insect net, and rain tarp. And don’t forget the insect lotion, and shaking your boots out every morning before you put them on. Though burning old dried up hornet nests hanging in the trees will get them away with the smoke it causes. We like to barbecue and play music at his place KinWinik Jungle Tours in downtown San Ignatio. Turtle shells are part of the percussion section. This grill is made of limestone and ash mixed with water. It’s the Mayan way of making things out of the existing material that can be readily available. Takes quite a few bonfires of jungle maintenance to accumulate the ash needed to mix with the limestone. Which is one of the reasons I love Belize time so much.

Great times in San Ignatio, Belize
Great times in San Ignatio, Belize

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Breaking Bread In St. Elena, Belize

I enjoy my time immensely when I am in Central America. One place I have been frequenting quite regularly is the San Ignatio, and St. Elena area. Just across the bridge of the Macal River there is a bakery that has some great looking and wonderful smelling breads.

Ah! The smell of homemade bread.
Homemade breads. Yum.

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